3.3 Additions

I’ve been busy preparing what had been the sun room to be converted into a nursery.

Eridan and Ara bought a rocking chair for the reading nook. I imagine a lot of time will be spent here.

To compliment the view outside I went with a green theme for the nursery, complete with sunflowers

I went shopping for toddler books and the rest of baby supplies. I want the child to have every chance so that whatever they want to do is an option. Plus, back in my own time we started learning young.

Eridan and I have still been spending a lot of time together, he doesn’t want to miss anything from the pregnancy and keeps reminding me that the marriage is purely political.

I’ve also seen Ara a lot. She’s fascinated by the baby. Ara’s one f those people that while you’d love to hate them, it’s difficult to do. She says that the baby will take after her father.

One night, right after Eridan and Ara left I went into labor. I took a taxi to the hospital while Eridan rushed to meet me there.

He made it, just in time too!

Soon after she was born, Charlotte and I were released. Eridan offered to stay so I could get some rest. I gladly took him up on the offer!

3.2 Transitions

In an attempt to instill some sense of responsibility, I’ve decided all teens in my house will have a teen job, hoping that my siblings don’t turn out like Aiden-who has confirmed he’s working for the local criminal ring. I hope I can talk some sense into him!

Alison had her prom, she insisted she didn’t want to go but I told her she should go, not miss any of her senior memories.

My baby sister has grown into a beautiful young woman. She celebrated her birthday just days after her prom, and not wanting to burden me found a place of her own where she could live while going for her goal of a Rock Star-really I think she just thought it’d be better for the image to not live with her siblings.

I meanwhile went on a date with Eridan. We spent some time at the park, just talking. Then I decided to tell ghost stories. People, including Mr. Powerful Wizard, are chickens in this town!

It was after I finished my story that he pulled me aside. Apparently, with the full moon the next day tensions were high. He didn’t tell me why, just to wait and see.

I love the moon, even if the people of this town worry about it. Afterall, what could be wrong?

Eventually we talked about moving in together after Brandon moved out. I wouldn’t have minded if he stayed,but well he took after mom and Alison in the music department and wanted to make the big stage-without his older sister watching him all the time

He had his prom much earlier than usual, due to some changes in school management. Meanwhile I was dealing with some problems of my own. Such as, Eridan and I weren’t quite as careful as we thought. I really didn’t want to take time off of work so close to achieving my dream but well military work isn’t a good thing as an expectant mother. Nor is finding out your boyfriend is in a political marriage. Really? That was their solution to the feud? Marry off the Fae “princess” to the Leader of the Wizarding World?! I’m not sure how to deal with the relationship, but Eridan’s wife asked to meet me and well, the stories warn against pissing off the fae.

So I went and spoke to her, careful to arrive when I knew Eridan wouldn’t be home.

Much as I tried to hate her she seemed okay and she was thrilled about the baby. Not that I plan on spending much time there, marrige for the peace or not. What are we, in the middle ages?

3.1 A New Beginning

Hi, Catherine here. A few weeks ago my mom Iris passed. We still miss her terribly. I just found this and thought I should keep the tradition going. Grim came for mom right after breakfast

I tried to convince him not to take her. But he refused, as he always has.

He just looked on as us siblings began our mourning.

I stepped up to make sure my younger siblings were taken care of, becoming their official gaurdian. It wasn’t long before my supierors informed me that they were baseing me in the town of Moonlight Falls. They were just now opening a base in this strange town that kept itself mostly cut off from the rest of the world. I wondered why, determined to find the reason.

My Sargent sent me to speak to the unofficial local historian. It seemed those newly based in this town were as curious as I was. The man, Eridan Grimm told me about how this town was a sanctuary for those beings with Supernatural powers. I didn’t believe him until he showed me spells that simply couldn’t be faked in person.

While I was discovering the town’s history, my brother was becoming a grown man. He moved out shortly after to start a life on his own. I heard he was stalking an ex. I hope not, I love my brother but I always suspected he may not be the best guy, his goal is to become the Emperor of Evil.

I went on a date with Eridan. He told me about himself. Apparently he’s head of the Witches and Wizard community here. They’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with the Fae but he has hopes of a peaceful resolution.

2.7 Family

There have been a lot of birthdays recently, children just grow up so fast!

My baby’s growing up. It’s too quiet in the house without the cooing of a baby. I guess I’ll have to wait for grandkids now.

Adien also celebrated a birthday and promptly started causing all kinds of trouble. We were lost on what to do with the boy and so told him to join an after school club, hoping that would help.

I’ve also lost my love. He begged to stay to see his children grow up, however, Death listens to the pleas of no man. We are all so lost without Dev.

Poor Brandon doesn’t know what to think and has nightmares. He often takes over Dev’s side of the bed. I wish I could do something more to help him, but it’s never easy losing loved ones. I miss Dev’s excitment over his newest adventures and even just us sitting and watching tv.

Allison celebrated a birthday just days after Dev’s death. None of us felt up to a party.

Right after graduation Catherine joined the Air Force, as she had always planned. She went in for an nterview and left signed up and with a report time. I’m so proud of her!

2.6 Time Travel

Four children causes a lot of busyness. Dev and I barely have had time for our hobbies and they have become our source of income!

Aiden celebrated a birthday, it was just a small family affair.

Not long after, Alison followed, with my eyes and Dev’s hair color.

We had visitors during the night. Looks like mom and dad are still happy together, even in the afterlife.

Devon’s been playing with his time machine again.

Soon, out came someone from an alternate time. It turns out, in an alternate reality set in the Medieval ages Dev and I have a daughter, Catherine. We tried to get her back home, but it didn’t work. Thankfully she was able to adjust quickly to our time and grew to love it.

Brandon had a birthday and Catherine loved to read to him. Apparently, in her time she was the youngest.

She however, wanted nothing to do with potting training and left that to us parents 🙂

We also had some other birthdays. Dev still looks great, I must say!

Catherine was thrilled when she discovered that in this time she could join the military. Women didn’t do that in her time. After some research she decided she wanted to join the air force and eventually become an astronaut. While she could sometimes be very proper she was also glad for the changes and started running to prepare.

I also celebrated a birthday. I can’t believe I’m old!

2.5 Discoveries

Dev was making good progress on his inventing. He called me out one day to so I could see what he’d made. Shaking my head as I put Allison in her crib I went out.

My husband has made a simbot. Who would have thought I married Frankenstein? He named his ‘monster’ Riley and he went on his way.

His next one, Susanne decided to stay and help around the house. She seemed decent enough, though I was a bit concerned about a ‘bot in my home.

I kept a close eye on her, but other than this, she was as normal as any other sim.

I soon found out I was expecting again! I hadn’t gotten sick this time around and only found out after a regular check up.

Ally celebrated her birthday and we again went through teaching her skills. She asked for a bottle for her first word.

One day, I went out to work on my music. When I returned she left Dev where they’d been playing on the floor and ran to me!

Dev decided now would be a time to make Susanne a friend. Soon Rob joined the family, though it wasn’t long before they decided to get a place of their own.

We spent the pregnancy attempting to get the toddlers used to the idea of a little sibling, this time we knew we’d be having a boy. We decided to name him Brandon. He’s a picture of the newest Hawthorne!

2.4 Farther Expansions

I never quite believed dad when he talked about how tiring having a newborn was. Our days were filled with dippers and feedings and snuggles. We both made sure to take a little bit of time each day to work on our art. Finally Aiden had his birthday. I started working with him on his vocabulary.

His first word was “Momma!” it was the most adorable and precious sound I’ve heard in my life!

Shortly after his birthday I started having a familiar feeling. I couldn’t be pregnant again, could I? We had just decided that trying for another one was something we wanted.

I sat up an appointment with my doctor and it wasn’t long until I got the call confirming my suspicions.

Dev tended to wake up and take the morning shift with Aiden, letting me gain rest. Plus, people were more likely to stop and listen to music on their way home, not on their way to work. Jas, Cy, and heath visited at least once a week, resulting in a very spoiled nephew. They couldn’t wait for the new baby either.

We made sure to find time for us, though my silly husband still loved to talk to my belly.

Finally the time came that we headed to the hospital for the birth of our daughter. When we got home Dev went to pay the babysitter while I took Allison into the nursery she’d share with her brother.

2.3 Growing Pains

We have some gnomes in the yard. As I went to work on mom’s garden I saw this and just had to share! We all know that gnomes travel as they wish with a little bit of gnome magic. They were staring at each other.

My husband-and I’m still not used to saying that-has been spending a lot of time with his inventing bench. He’s as obsessive with it as I am with my music.

Unfortunately his obsession is a bit more dangerous than mine. He causes explosions a few times a day and scares me each time. Look at this! He could have been seriously hurt and he just cleaned up and started again.

We’ve been enjoying our time alone as a newly married couple. That was, until I started getting sick. I thought it was food poisoning.

Dev finally convinced me to go to the doctor. I got a call early in the morning. We’re going to have a baby!

Dev was outside at his inventing. The sun hadn’t even come up yet and he was working on his inventions. He was more than a little surprised when I told him the news.

Time passed with us working on our talents and preparing for the new addition. The nursery hadn’t changed since Heath was a baby, my siblings came over to help us clean it but we didn’t want to change anything in the house, not after our parents spent so much time on it. Dev loved to talk to my belly.

Finally, the time came for us to head to the hospital. Soon we would finally be parents!

Meet baby Aiden Hawthorne, Dev and I were glad to be going home. The hospital wasn’t exactly peaceful.

2.2 Two Parties for the Price of One

Cypress broke the news to me when I returned from my day of playing the guitar in the park. I’d made a good amount of tips and couldn’t imagine letting others determine how my talent went out so I decided to form a band and put on shows around town. I’d asked my siblings to join the Thornes and they did. When I walked in the door and saw the somber looks I knew it had to be bad. I broke down in Cy’s arms as Devon was talking to the emergency technicians who I’d just beaten there.

My party was planned for just days after the funeral and the day before the wedding. We decided to keep the plans, knowing how excited dad was for the wedding. My sister decided to contribute to the festivities by spraying me with nectar.

Turns out, she had a little too much of it. As the party was winding down most of the guests either made themselves comfortable in the bunk bed or called a taxi home. My sister, on the other hand visited mom’s garden and settled against a fence. When I went to check on her I found her fast asleep. She’ll kill me for posting this, because it’s so unlike her!

My husband to be was late to our wedding!

With good reason though, through his experiments he was able to bring Dad back, if only for the wedding. It was the best gift anyone could ask for! The woman next to Dad is Lauren, Dev’s mom. His dad, Teddy sat next to Jas.

Cousin Starla was there, as was her father. Her father sat next to dad, aunt Izzy being too ill to make it. My brother’s were seated to the other side of Starla.

This is Devon giving me my ring. Look how gorgeous it and my engagement ring are!

And this is our first kiss as a married couple.

Dad stayed for our cutting of the cake, but after that he pulled us kids aside one by one to say good-bye. He assured us that mother and he are fine and that they will watch over us.

Dad retuned back to his urn after that and we made sure to carefully pack it and take it home with us to settle him next to mom in their old room.

2.1 A Bachelor Party

Hi, this is Iris Hawthorne. Daddy asked me to take over for him after he passed. Sadly, that wasn’t long after his last update. My parents were far too young to pass and I miss them dearly. They were always there for me and my siblings, from my and Jas’ fear of the water, Cypress and his loner ways, and Heath’s absent mindedness to our successes. It all began at Devon’s bachelor party.

Dad congratulated Dev and talked about his excitement for the wedding
Cypress was just excited for his first adult party.

As was Heath, he had grown up just the day before and was relishing his freedom. They were moving in together after the party.

The next thing they knew, dad had fallen to the ground. They called for help but it was too late.

Dad greeted Grim with open arms, apparently he knew it was his time to go and he’d seen his children grow. He’d had a sudden heart attack.

I’m sorry but I just can’t type anymore. I will update soon because I promised Daddy I would and I do think it’s a good idea to document our family’s story.